City trips à deux

Discovering new places!

Hi, we’re Chloé and Maxence, two young people aged 25 and 24 who love traveling and discovering new things.

We created Citytripsàdeux to share our travel experiences and help you find the best restaurants, cultural events and walks in the cities we visited.

You’ll find articles about each of our city trips, as well as a special category about our year-long trip to Germany.

 One year in Germany 

Spending a year in Germany gives you the opportunity to work in a foreign country, without speaking the language, and to explore the local culture by living like a Dresden resident for a whole year.

Dresden, located in the east of Germany, offers a different atmosphere to the big cities in the west. You can find more information and details here

The German Hygiene Museum (Dresden)

The German Hygiene Museum (Dresden)

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